Adam Mohammed Ahmed El Nour

Name Adam Mohammed Ahmed El Nour
Nationality Sudanese
Designation Advocate and Legal Consultant
Languages English and Arabic
Educational Qualification
Bachelor of Law (LL. B), from University of Khartoum, Sudan (1982)
Career Background Thirty three years of practice as a lawyer in commercial law, criminal law, corporate matters, trademarks and foreign investments. Legal adviser for Strabag Oman 2006.

Lawyer at Dr. Tariq Al Busaidi Legal Consultancy Bureau 2007.
Practice Areas Experience in administrative cases. Providing legal advices in Company Law and international conflicts of jurisdiction in many affairs of foreign investments.

Drafting and reviewing of investment agreements, contracts and memorandums of companies, insurance documents and civil contracts.

Appearing before Civil, Commercial, Criminal and Administrative Courts (Appeal and Court of Cassation)

Representation in Arbitration panels on behalf of local and foreign companies.

Drafting and reviewing agreements and memorandums and articles of association of companies, and verifying insurance agreements and other civil contracts.